I’ve given it a lot of thought after watching the documentary and seriously consider becoming a full-time vegetarian instead of being like a flexitarian at the moment. I did it a couple of times in the past, for a period of 3 months and several one-month times, and I do believe that anyone could be […]

Edie is a touching story about an 83-year-old Edie living in Scotland. She believes that it is never too late to live her life again – packing an old camping bag, leaving her life behind and embarking on an adventure she never got to have – climbing the imposing Mount Suilven in Scotland. The chemistry […]

We are taught at school that one should practice critical thinking and learn how to convince people to do the a certain work or follow the other. Also, any of us has to meet a number of persons in a day and uses verbal communication as a primary tool to express desires, ideas regardless of […]

Những con cá sẽ không bao giờ hiểu được cái đẹp bao la của thế gian dưới con mắt của loài chim, cho dù chim có cố gắng giải thích cho cá như thế nào đi nữa… Những chú kiến con cũng vậy, chúng sẽ không bao giờ thấy, hoặc hiểu được những gì mà […]

Faun is a German band formed in 1998 who play pagan folk, darkwave and medieval music. The originality of their music style is that they fall back to “old” instruments, and the singing is always the center of attention. The vocals are performed in a variety of languages, including German, Latin, Greek, and Scandinavian languages. […]