(This can be a naked truth, or simply just a piece of shi*.)

  • The purpose of existence may be the infinitely expand of consciousness or find the way home where we never left. (1)
  • The purpose of existence can also be an open question that have never had the exact answer; or wake up other miserable lives, in peace. (2)


At first, you are a photon, an atom and then a molecule. You are the consciousness that creates the thought that you are an atom, the created thought with vibrating energy then manifests itself into the material. The material is not solid in true nature but solid in the context of the material world which is perceived by all the beings inside. Thus, the material can be dematerialized back into pure consciousness (or making things disappear out off the air), or vice versa (making things out of nothing).

You are the force that drives the photon, atom, molecule moving around and interacting with other ones, which makes up the gravity, physic and chemistry. As you exist and learn, you are constantly expanding. You become the force (consciousness) that drives the single-celled organism; you embody every consciousness that manifests into every atom making up the body. Through existence, you evolve and expand more and more, and becoming a multi-celled organism.

As you live and die through existence and evolution, your consciousness expands and can embody more, and more of the complex functioned body. You become the fishes, amphibians, reptilians and mammals with survival instincts accumulated through aeon of time.

As your consciousness expands, the physical body you embody develops more brain’s capacities. You now can perceive the world more and more, can see how things happen and recreate the processes. Thus, you begin to perceive the concept of time by the way you can remember things that have happened.

As your body’s brain evolves, you can think rationally and anticipate things ahead based on what was seen and understood. You begin to develop languages and social structures. The mechanism of survival instincts evolves and transforms into the subconscious mind whose sole purpose is to ensure your body’s survival in the material world.

As becoming more intelligent but still live in the survival mode (subconscious mode), you use everything outside to define your existence: name, house, material, social identity, friends, etc. As a result, you live, defend and fight for your identity which is your belief system and is made up by your subconscious mind.

Love and loss, live and die so many times, you expand and accumulate more of the existence’s lesson. You begin to look at the sky and ask “why am I here…”. From that moment, you create religion, culture and philosophy to set off on the journey to answer the question: “who am I?”.

The path from starting asking the question “who am I?” to the final answer “I am” is called “the path of ascension”.

Ascension is the process of remembering and becoming who you are. You begin to realise your ego and other people’s egos; you are triggered emotionally by all the things happening in the world, which is the manifestation of human’s subconscious mind, of the survival mode, of the fear to keep human’s body existed and defined within the materialism’s context.

At the beginning of ascension, you will be urged to delve into religion and metaphysical knowledge. Your ego becomes the super-ego which is constantly judging your thought, yourself and other people around you. You are heavy, emotionally triggered by the “wrong” of the world as well as your relationship life collapses, this is needed to happen to cleanse yourself of the fear, the old energy accumulated inside your every cell and atom through the length of time.

As you begin to face the fear inside of yourself, the fear begins receding. Your body gradually becomes lighter, and your brain begins to change. You realise that judging your ego is not the way to go but to love it and love it unconditionally. “The path of ascension” is now nothing but “The path of acceptance”. As you begin to accept every aspect of your ego, you begin to love yourself, forgive yourself as well as begin to love others, forgive others and accept all that is. All those happen simultaneously, and you cannot separate one from the others.

Things will always be hiding at every corner to come out at any moment to trigger you, trigger your fear and ego so that you can see it inside and complete accepting and loving every last piece of yourself.

At the end of the ascension process, you will maintain your inner peace all the time, and nothing seems to trouble and trigger you anymore. Your mind becomes quiet and very clear, you see that everything is perfect in the way they are and you see yourself inside everyone you meet. You often feel neutral and bored intertwined with the occasional outburst of high energy running through your body which makes you cry without any reason. You don’t feel the need to read or find knowledge outside anymore, you just can simply channel the knowing from your soul and the I am above.

After the ascension, your brain will be rewired; your body functions at a higher level. You can see energetic grids and fields. You can manifest things instantly with your mind and do not need to create them with human’s force. You can travel through time and move objects with your mind. At this point, if other civilisations out there somewhere in the galaxy don’t show themselves up in the sky, then you still know it very well that they exist at those places because you have tapped into the collective consciousness which connects all.

You become the intergalactic being which is capable of interstellar travel with spaceships driven just by thought. You can build anything you wish and manifest instantly with just your imagination. There are no space wars like human depict them in movie and culture because those are only the projection of the human’s subconscious mind itself onto anything it sees.

You will travel among universes to seed life unto planets and secretly help them grow, evolve and finally ascend. Then, you will be there waiting to welcome and congratulate them on succeeding at finding the way home and not killing themselves all to the extinction.

Just right now, billions of beings with all sizes and shapes from countless civilisations are eagerly waiting for a human to complete the ascension process so that they can show themselves and welcome human to the intergalactic community. This is the most exciting time of every civilisation regarding the evolution process.

Getting higher and higher, you become light beings with the shape or no shape at all. You become the angels, ascended masters who will help and nurture the lower dimensions.

As you learn and grow enormously, your consciousness expands to embody a planet which is capable of maintaining complex life forms and elements. Then, you will become the timekeeper, space keeper and dimension programmer who manage and run the universes.

When you become the creator, the consciousness behind all the existence. You create your universes with the specific characteristics that you desire and can imagine with all you have learned.

You create the images of yourself (consciousness) with the infinite amount and build up the universes from the foundation: photon and atom. Boom, that’s it, you learn and grow all the way just to become who you already are.

There are no others; we are all just one.

The purpose of existence may be the infinitely expand of consciousness or find the way home where we never left.

To know “who I am?”, Existence is created, so the question “who I am” can be answered: “I AM ALL THAT I AM”.

Time has no beginning and no end as well as universes.



We find it hard to describe in words or imagine exactly what is going on up in the sky and beyond. Most of the mankind knowledge are perceived through studies, books, mass media, etc… which are possibly considered misleading and biased. People naturally accept social norms as a part of their daily life without fully knowing why they have been formed. For instance, the fear of ghosts (although a child himself has no idea about the definition of evils), and a large number of children harbour the belief till they grow up. Whenever facing the darkness, their subconscious arise and take over his mind, making them scared unconditionally. Going to the pagoda, on the contrary, is another form of sub-consciousness. Every day, millions of people come to those places to pray for luck, money or whatsoever, blindly believing that miracles would knock the door if they visit pagodas frequently.

Since lacking evidence to explain clearly and not having power to name phenomenal activities, we can alternatively look at our naked body as a universe. Every cell living in the body represents for each person, sharing the same source of vitality. The story begins!

Within a short space of time (sát na), millions of cells are born and died. Compared to the lifespan of an average person, a cell’s living time is billions of times less than ‘’the God’’ – his owner. Although one does not aware of the whole process, its human brain automatically records and memorise the life cycle of cells no matter what you want or not.

Theoretically, every cell would live peacefully with other brothers and sisters ranging from legs, hands, ass to dick, sperm, liver…We can group all the cells in the head as the mother Earth, and sperms as the Mars…

One day, not having satisfied with all they have, groups of ‘’rebel’’ on Earth first plan to kill their brothers. Then, they invade and occupy other organs in the body universe. We often call these killers under the killing name ‘’ CANCER’’.

In order to manipulate other cells to follow them, many tricks and rules are given out, especially through mass media and war. Fear, fame, money, ego-centred care, diseases, war, misleading religions, vaccines, chemicals in food & water, …all of them play as important factors in managing their civilisation. Cell’s leaders always try to prevent cells from having connected with their own body.

The cell itself do not have enough capability to fully understand what lie outside of their actual dimensions, for example, a liver cell cannot be able to know how a cell living in the brain works. In a bigger scale, they definitely cannot imagine that there is a God – his giant living human who can breathe, smell, have sex and do a lot of things.

However, there are some unusual cells which realise an inconvenient truth. They are living separately somewhere on Earth, seeking every day to meet people like them, or help other cells understand. Some, unluckily, are killed before they can do anything else.

The purpose of existence can also be an open question that has never had the exact answer; or wake up other miserable lives, in peace.

Every ‘’cell’’ on Earth would probably never have a chance to live in peace because some higher ‘’forces’’ somewhere are still in control every smaller group of cells in one way or another.

So now it is your choice how to live. Live ‘’peacefully’’. Follow the lead or against the majority.

The end/.


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