The very last classes

We spend a lot of time talking how to implement digital projects, or simply about change management in Cultural & Political Management, how cute is &$#^…

Most of the time, though, we rarely notice how perfect our DP’s teacher is when he unconsciously swears in front of the whole class, or the sincere thanks from Pro S for being his students over the last ten weeks, or how tired K is in the today’s class and sending a message over may warm up somebody’s feeling on a cold day.

People who are open, empathetic, optimistic, flexible, generous, warm, connected, creative and interesting sometimes seem to be a little weird or even associated with privacy violence in some context. That’s what we automatically call ”cultural difference”. However, that ”Great Wall” is built up by yourself and it would probably take a lifetime before you truly understand how we’re well brainwashed and be aware of taking it off.

Today, Dublin’s sky suddenly turned to grey, bringing the very freezing wind with slight rain and covering the whole area…


Beautiful spring as I see It – Dublin, Ireland.


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