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A game that changed my life

I got to know basketball unexpectedly at the age of 18 when a brother of mine invited to my see his team competing with one another near the park at our village. Soon after leaving the match, I knew that I was born to play this game and the passion of basketball immediately become more […]

Dublin – Belfast

Goodbye to you my trusted friend We’ve known each other for a while When all the birds are singing in the sky Together we’ve climbed hills and trees We had joy, we had fun we had seasons in the sun But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time June’s theme


NHÓM CÂU HỎI VỀ HỌC BỔNG IDEAS Bạn có thể giới thiệu về suất học bổng IDEAS và khóa học của bạn? IDEAS là học bổng thuộc chương trình Chia sẻ Kinh nghiệm phát triển Ireland-Việt Nam (IDEAS) do chính phủ Ireland tài trợ, với sự hỗ trợ của đại sứ quán Ireland tại Việt […]