A game that changed my life

I got to know basketball unexpectedly at the age of 18 when a brother of mine invited to my see his team competing with one another near the park at our village. Soon after leaving the match, I knew that I was born to play this game and the passion of basketball immediately become more together than they could ever be apart. One the way home, I was asking my brother if I could teach me how to play, along with a condition I helped him do the homework in return!

It was not going easy at the first place, but twelve-month of hard work and practice was paid off as I was accepted to play at the University team. Moreover, being a member of the honour school team, I was wholeheartedly grateful. I decided on playing as a point guard because being a small guy made me quicker with reflexes and fleeter of foot and far better as a ball handler, dribbler and passer compared to other guys.

There are a few lessons learned while playing basketball. First, internal toughness is the key; you have to be determined to win no matter what, no matter how exhausted you are. Second, having the engagement principles, mutual understanding in a team would play significant factors that decide the success of the whole team. Besides, it was not the role itself you were playing in the team that I found meaningful, but the way you could use it to help other team members.

Although not having played basketball as much as I used to, I sometimes look at aspects of my life in a basketball game, it makes more sense and makes things that I love even better and more enjoyable. As I remembered to our success in the final match took place almost ten years ago between my University and Polytechnic team, my mind still fills with happiness and overwhelming. I am thankful for the lessons I learned from my coach at my university; the kind support from brothers and sisters, and especially the physical pain I went through while practicing was the unforgettable memories and was a stepping stone in the process of making the person I am today, the one who is resilient and always keeps moving forward no matter what happens.



My university’s basketball team won the 3rd prize in the final match taken place in March 2009.



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