Talk a little less

We are taught at school that one should practice critical thinking and learn how to convince people to do the a certain work or follow the other.

Also, any of us has to meet a number of persons in a day and uses verbal communication as a primary tool to express desires, ideas regardless of how you are feeling at the time.

Even if, at the end of the day when you are only by yourself, one continues convey thoughts using non verbal communication methods thanks to virtual devices & Internet.

We are all told that the more we talk, the more other people would understand and be able to interpret of all the good, the bad and ugly things happening around us.

…but almost no one tells us to talk less!

When you talk a little less and slowly, you would feel every subtle nuance of emotion that comes from inside you.

Talking less is not problematic but its a way of living to help you listen to yourself better, see things clearly without having confirmation biased, especially when most of us nowadays spend a large number of time living a big, noisy cities.

Talking less to realise you are at the present and that you are truly living…



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